Why is our patented vacuum seal so significant?

It’s understandable that if you have recently suffered an injury for which you need to buy an arm cast cover so that you can continue your favourite and essential activities such as swimming, you may be anxious just to purchase whatever protector you can find that will ‘do the job’.

However, this surely begs the question of what counts as ‘doing the job’. If you’re going to go to all of the effort to purchase a dedicated arm or leg cast cover, you surely won’t want to end up with something that’s barely any more effective at shielding your cast from moisture than a plastic bag.

This is where DryPro cast protectors really start to stand out from the competition. Yes, there are a lot of waterproof cast covers on the market, or at least, products that claim to be waterproof and to effectively cover your cast. But there’s one feature of our cast covers that helps to ensure they really do live up to their billing – their patented vacuum seal.

You won’t find such a seal on offer from any other company

DryPro is one of the oldest and most respected names in the now increasingly crowded market for waterproof cast and bandage protectors. For 15 years now, we’ve been manufacturing and distributing our products that have become so widely recognised, some of our competitors have even sought to imitate their distinctive blue colour.

But our patented vacuum seal is one feature they could never imitate. It means that if you do opt for one of the aforementioned competitors, you’ll have to make do with an elasticated cuff, which does not form a genuinely watertight seal. Nor does it exactly help that the market alternatives remain filled with air and therefore act like a giant balloon when you try to submerge them in water.

That’s why, when you are next in the market for a waterproof cast cover, you should opt for one incorporating our vacuum seal. The principle of how it works is very simple – you use the detachable handheld pump to pump the air out of the cast cover, which forms a genuinely secure seal. You can submerge your arm or leg completely in the water or even jump in the sea, with the confidence that not a drop of water will be able to reach your cast.

Buy your arm cast cover from DryPro today

Whether you are in need of the most watertight and easy-to-use arm or leg cast cover or even our PICC line covers that use the same technology, you really don’t need to look to any other company.

Just make your purchase from DryPro today, to benefit from the peace of mind that only a genuinely high-quality and watertight arm or leg cast cover, using only the most up-to-date vacuum seal technology, can bring.