Why a leg wound doesn’t have to stop you from swimming in the sea

If one of the first things you like to do on a beach holiday is head for the ocean to take a dip, picking up a leg wound could understandably leave you distraught. However, you don’t necessarily have to stay out of the sea while you wait for your wound to heal.

Swimming in the sea can be highly enjoyable

There can be a great pleasantness in lowering yourself into seawater in a sunny part of the world such as Spain or Hawaii. The water could be very warm, giving you perhaps the most fun bath you ever have. It’s great, then, that getting into sea water is healthy for the body.

Your skin could become better hydrated, largely due to such water’s magnesium content. In a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology in February 2005, it was found that a magnesium-rich Dead Sea salt solution could greatly reduce skin redness.

Spending time in the sea could also assist in boosting the health of your immune system. This is because crucial elements, vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts and living microorganisms in seawater can bring about beneficial antibiotic and antibacterial effects.

We can help you to protect your leg injury

A healthy immune system, of course, is also great for aiding your recovery from a leg wound – but it’s still vital to keep the wound itself covered and protected from any contact with water as it heals, not least due to the risk of infection. So, what’s the solution?

Easy: purchasing one of the leg cast covers we offer here at DryPro. Obviously, your legs can be very active during a sea swimming session; however, with one of these leg cast covers, you can preserve the dryness around the site of your injury while enjoying the array of benefits that come with being in the sea.

DryPro cast covers are also known for their patented watertight vacuum seal that you simply will not find on any other brand’s cast covers.

Our leg cast covers are available in various sizes, and it couldn’t be easier for you to purchase and use one for your own injury via our complete online store. It all means that with the right cast cover, you really can ensure your adventures in sea water go very ‘swimmingly’ indeed.