What you need to know about recovering from a broken arm

A broken arm can be an extremely shocking injury to suffer, and if you are involved in an accident that leaves your arm showing the classic symptoms of a fracture – such as severe pain and tenderness, bruising, swelling and difficulty moving the hand or arm – you are urged to immediately go to your nearest accident and emergency (A&E) department.

There are many treatment options for a broken arm, depending on its nature and severity, with one of the most typical being the fitting of a plaster cast to aid recovery. But what else do you need to know about the recovery process for a broken arm, and how can the dedicated arm cast covers of DryPro help?

Your cast will play a vital role

The cast that is fitted to your arm will need to remain in place until the bone has healed, which is likely to take a month or two, although a longer recovery period can apply to more severe breaks.

You are likely to be given various tips by your doctor or physiotherapist on how to best look after your cast, including avoiding putting weight or strain on your arm, as well as to raise your arm whenever possible and reduce stiffness by performing some gentle exercises and stretches.

Something else that it is vital for you to do when recovering from a broken arm is keep your cast dry, which is usually easier said than done. While many people with a broken arm simply go for the ‘DIY’ approach of covering up their cast with a plastic bag when they have a bath or shower, this is far from the most professional, watertight or practical solution.

As for what is such a solution… well, our own arm cast covers here at DryPro are unlike anything else available in the UK today, and can certainly achieve better results than the alternatives.

What makes our arm cast covers so special?

The biggest differentiator of our broken arm covers from any others you may have seen advertised is the patented vacuum seal that ensures not a single drop of water gets into your cast to cause any problems as you are recovering from your injury.

With an arm cast cover from DryPro, you can swim, bath yourself or shower in much the same way you would if you didn’t have an injury or cast fitted at all.

Take a look at the specifications of broken arm protector that are available in our online store right now, and you won’t regret choosing these internationally renowned, American-made products that are now rightly attracting great attention on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.