There’s no need to buy PICC covers from anywhere else

We simply can’t emphasise enough the importance of keeping your PICC line dry, should you need to have one inserted. Those who require a PICC line for all manner of treatments – ranging from chemotherapy and prolonged IV antibiotic treatment to total parental nutrition (TPN) – are frequently frustrated by the difficulty of attempting to bathe, shower or swim with one.

This may lead them to buy PICC covers from any of the various brands now offering them – but why should DryPro be your only choice for such waterproof protectors?

Only we offer our patented vacuum seal

Here at DryPro, we are rather used to being imitated. Our waterproof cast covers are so widely admired that some of our competitors have even mimicked their distinctive blue colour, although there’s one thing they can’t accurately imitate – the patented vacuum seal that you will only find on our own waterproof protective products.

It’s the case for our PICC line covers, just as much as it is for our arm or leg cast protectors. We know that when you have a PICC line fitted, it really is critically important to avoid it becoming wet.

Even if it is apparently only the dressing that covers the PICC insertion site that comes into contact with water, you are still running the risk of infection, given that the combination of moisture and body heat provides the perfect breeding conditions for bacteria.

That’s why our vacuum seal is such a crucial feature of our PICC line covers. Not only that, but our protectors are also open ended at both ends to enable the full use of both hands, and the utmost durability is ensured by their manufacture from flexible, surgical grade rubber.

Enjoy a relaxing swim, bath or shower with one of our PICC protectors  

When you need to have a PICC line inserted, we don’t think it’s fair that you should have to be constantly anxious about keeping the line insertion area away from any environment in which it could become wet.

That would massively compromise your day-to-day life, so we’re delighted to be able to give you the chance to buy PICC covers that are highly rated and give you vital peace of mind when carrying out such essential day-to-day activities as showering and bathing.

Don’t choose any option less than the best – choose DryPro.