PICC Line Covers Prevent Infection and Promote Healing

Even if it should become necessary to have a PICC, or peripherally inserted central catheter, inserted for medical reasons, that doesn’t mean you have to stay out of the water. Using a quality PICC line cover makes it possible for PICC patients to take a bath, go swimming or enjoy a day at the beach with friends and family. Waterproof covers are also available to protect casts, IV lines, surgical incisions and wounds.

PICC Line Keeping it Drypicc2

How to Keep a PICC Line Dry

Our Waterproof PICC line covers allow patients to enjoy a shower without jeopardizing their health. In the past, PICC users had to avoid getting wet altogether to prevent harmful infections. To be sure, allowing the area where a PICC line is inserted to get wet can lead to contamination and infection. A PICC line must be kept clean and dry at all times to prevent the introduction of bacteria and other potentially harmful contaminants. Modern PICC line covers keep PICC lines dry while protecting the area surrounding the insertion point.

Regardless of where a PICC line was inserted, protection is available to keep the sensitive area dry. Patients often require a PICC line in a leg or arm for the purpose of receiving essential, hydration fluids, antibiotics, chemotherapy, total parenteral nutrition or other infusion therapies. Waterproof line covers are surprisingly comfortable to wear when bathing or swimming. Fortunately, it’s no longer necessary to resort to the use of trash bags and other ineffective plastic wraps to keep a PICC line, wound or surgical incision safe and dry.

PICC Line Cover Protection

There’s nothing more refreshing than a warm bath, but PICC line covers may offer more protection than you think. A nasty infection caused by moisture and bacteria can lead to health complications and expensive medical care. Waterproof covers allow patients to protect PICC lines, dressings and other areas that are susceptible to infection.

PICC patients can now avoid costly PICC line replacements and other undesirable medical procedures. It used to be necessary for PICC patients to keep their leg or arm out of the water in order to enjoy a bath or swim. Protective waterproof covers help prevent moisture contamination and soiling to eliminate discomfort and accelerate the healing process. If you would like more information on DryPro’s waterproof cast covers, then don’t hesitate to contact us for free advice.