Is there such thing as water resistant casts?

If you’ve been reading through the information on our site about our waterproof cast protectors here at DryPro, you may have wondered why casts aren’t made to be water resistant already. Wouldn’t that be so much more convenient for everyone?

Well, it is true that there are different types of casts. The type with which many of us are most familiar – partly because of its dominance of cultural depictions of casts in the likes of comic books and hospital-based TV dramas – is the plaster of Paris cast, which is famously hard and heavy. It starts out as a thick white powder that forms into fast-hardening thick paste when mixed with water.

One thing that can definitely be said about plaster of Paris casts is that they do not hold up well to water. In the event that the padding inside a conventional cast does get wet, it won’t dry, and nor will the skin next to it, which can lead to such serious problems as skin infection, skin death and permanent scarring.

OK, but what about synthetic fibreglass casts?

It’s true that plaster of Paris is not the only material used for casts these days. Synthetic casts made from fibreglass – a kind of mouldable plastic – are also common. Not only are these casts lighter than their plaster of Paris counterparts, but they also offer a level of water resistance. That last term is significant – water resistant casts are not the same as waterproof casts.

While the actual fibreglass used in fibreglass casts is waterproof, the same cannot be said of the padding inside the cast. This is why it is still important to try to prevent a fibreglass cast from becoming wet – and it’s also where one of our renowned DryPro cast protectors may come in useful.

If you don’t want to have to risk accidentally wetting your cast – whether it is a fibreglass or plaster of Paris cast – when engaging in such water-based activities as bathing or cleaning yourself, choose DryPro. Our patented vacuum seal ensures a genuinely watertight finish, so that you can concentrate on living your life in the most normal manner possible while recovering from your injury.

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