How to occupy yourself whilst in a plaster cast

It’s happened, and the worst is over. Car accident, sports injury– maybe you tripped and fell down the stairs. You rushed to the emergency room, got the bone set, and now it’s just a matter of healing; you’re at the easy part now.

But after three days in a cast, you’ve already figured out it’s not going to be so easy. Life is carrying on around you in swimming pools and on football fields, while the simplest acts– like taking a bath– have become a tedious and troublesome chore for you. You now realise the hard part is the recovery.

Whether your plaster cast and broken bones have put a stop to your active and sporty lifestyle, or it’s just a matter of how difficult it’s become just to make breakfast for yourself, you needn’t despair. Dealing with a broken bone definitely creates a shift in your lifestyle, but the proper attitude will get you through.

Things to do in the recovery period

First of all, look at your recovery time as a chance to slow down and try new things. Most people have a list of books they want to read or a topic they want to research. Perhaps it’s your chance to finally start learning that foreign language. Now that your body is being forced into a more stationary state, let your mind do the travelling. If you look at your recovery time as a period of personal intellectual growth, you’ll find there’s no loss at all.

It’s also a great time to enjoy a marathon of your favourite TV show, with online media services providing movies and television on demand in never before seen numbers. Have friends over for a themed movie night.

Exercise and Activities

Of course you shouldn’t become a complete couch potato. If it’s a leg or a foot that’s in a cast, take the time t lift weights while seated. If it’s an arm that’s restricted, go out and do a bit of walking. Exercise is no less necessary because you’re healing, and the activity will help keep your body functioning so that when the cast comes off, your time back to full health is shorter.

Furthermore, don’t despair of being able to participate in all your old activities. In the past, keeping plaster casts dry has been a major and occasionally gross problem for the injured, but these days, water proof cast protectors are available to help solve the problem. Within reason, you can still pursue activities at the beach or the pool, and take a shower without your cast becoming a stinky damp mess.

So while that plaster cast may limit your activities, there is by no means a shortage of ways you can fill your time. Broken bones aren’t quite the hassle they once were, with new technologies to keep them dry, and other new technologies to bring entertainment and enlightenment to your living room.