DryPro Review : Adult Half Leg Cast Cover

Just a quickie to thank you for your excellent product, that actually works. I have been in casts for nearly twelve years due to diabetic complications in my legs and feet. I have used other showering products which to be fair worked but when having a bath and fully submerging the limbs into water, did not.

My six year old son was desperate for mummy to go swimming with him on our recent holiday and I was a little subdued as if I got the casts wet it would mean returning immediately from abroad to get medical help.

I initially tried my usual product in the bath but alas it leaked. It just could not deal with the pressure of the water. I trailed the internet and come across Dry-pro and after reading customers testimonies decided to give it a go. Initially I tried it in the bath and it didn’t leak – hooray! I took it on holiday and to my relief it did exactly what it stated, it did not leak. It was easy to assemble, comfortable to wear and easy to remove.

I think the real testimony was seeing my delighted six year olds face, enjoying swimming with his mummy for the first time ever! All due to Dry-pro.

Thank you so, so much

Kind regards

Helen Hall