Even with a cast, you don’t have to miss the benefits of a shower

If you have recently had a cast fitted, it can obviously seem very inconvenient if it must be kept dry. For instance, you might feel the need to start forgoing showers in favour of baths, which would at least allow you to keep the problem arm or leg dry by hanging it over the bathtub’s side.

This can feel especially disappointing if you really enjoy showering and don’t anticipate your cast coming off for a while. However, by using a shower cast protector that we at DryPro have waterproofed, you don’t need to do without the following benefits of regular showering.

Relief to muscle stiffness

If your muscles feel far from supple, you may wish to call upon the services of a masseuse. However, you can enjoy a massage of sorts from hot water spraying out of your showerhead. This is especially the case if the showerhead has a lot of power in its spray. Allow the hot water to hit your neck, shoulders and back, and feel your anguish melt away.

Eased anxiety

Your need for a cast in the first place has probably left you unhappy. The disruption it may have brought to the usual routines of your home and work life is unlikely to have helped, either. However, studies have revealed that by taking a hot shower, you could increase your levels of the love hormone oxytocin, which can relieve anxiety.

Better skin

Yes, you can even enjoy better-hydrated skin when you shower, and especially when the water is cold. By contrast, your skin could dry out too easily if you spend a lot of time lounging in a bath.

You don’t even have to fret about struggling to put on a shower cast protector. On our website, we have posted a step-by-step guide to help to ensure that the protector is smooth – not tight – against your skin and does not collapse or wrinkle when exposed to water. The protector is also easy to slide on or off as necessary.

When you are in the market for an industry-leading shower cast protector, DryPro really is the only brand in which you will ever need to place your trust – so why hesitate to shop with us today?