Enjoy greater freedom with a broken elbow cast cover

While there is hardly such thing as an ‘ideal’ part of the body to sustain a fracture, the elbow is certainly a long way from that ideal. The elbow, after all, is a complex joint formed by three bones – the humerus, which is a single bone in the upper arm running from the shoulder to the elbow, and the radius and ulna, which are forearm bones running from the elbow to the wrist.

The various muscles, ligaments and tendons in this area of the body can further complicate the treatment process for an elbow injury. There are numerous ways in which you can fracture your elbow – such as in a car or motorcycle accident or if you fall backward and attempt to brace your fall with an outstretched arm.

If, therefore, you suspect that you have fractured your elbow due to the presence of such symptoms as your elbow swelling or becoming difficult to move through its complete range of motion, it is vital to seek medical attention at a hospital emergency department immediately. This is especially important advice given the risk of serious and disabling complications that elbow fractures can bring.

Enter DryPro…

Once your fractured elbow has undergone surgery and you are recuperating with the help of a plaster cast, you are likely to want to be able to clean and bathe yourself without the worry of your cast becoming wet. What more reason, then, could you have to wish to purchase a broken elbow cast cover from us?

We are the exclusive distributor of the American made range of DryPro products across the United Kingdom and Ireland, meaning that when you require a broken elbow cast cover, you can have the greatest confidence in those we provide.

Our broken arm and elbow cast covers work in much the same way as the rest of our acclaimed cast protectors, incorporating a patented vacuum seal to ensure that not a single drop of water reaches your cast or bandage. With a wide range of sizes available at a competitive price right here at DryPro, you really shouldn’t feel the need to look to any other online store.

So, why not purchase your own broken elbow cast cover today from the brand that is quite simply the most respected in its field, and that will give you the utmost peace of mind?