Don’t underestimate the crucial role of the right PICC line protector

There can be little doubt of the sheer importance of a peripherally inserted central catheter – otherwise known as a PICC line – for patients with cancer, gastrointestinal malfunction or certain congenital malformations. It is such people who require some form of long-term central venous access so that their conditions can be appropriately managed, and a PICC line represents a reliable and safe alternative to other catheters.

This thin, soft plastic tube inserted through a peripheral vein and continuing through to a large vein above the heart is vital for many patients who require intravenous fluids and medications on an ongoing basis.

However, if you are such a patient, you won’t want your own PICC line to overly compromise how you live your life – not least as far as such basic everyday tasks as showering and bathing are concerned.

We are one of the most trusted names in PICC line covers

While the DryPro brand is especially strongly associated with cast protectors – indeed, it has been one of the industry’s innovators in this regard – it is also known for its PICC line covers, which draw upon much of the same expertise in how a sensitive area of the body can be kept completely dry.

A PICC line serves a vital function for a patient’s health, so everything possible must be done to prevent the dressing from becoming wet due to water or perspiration. If this does happen, the combination of moisture and body heat can provide fertile conditions for bacterial infection, which is why the dressing will need to be immediately changed by the healthcare provider.

The best latex-free protectors now on the market

Even when precautions are taken, a PICC line dressing can still become wet when the patient comes into contact with water, which is why the very highest standard of protection must be chosen. A PICC line protector from DryPro is the perfect example of such protection. It’s latex-free, available in sizes ranging from X-Small to X-Large, and renowned for its ability to prevent bacteria from reaching the site of the catheter.

It’s easy to use, too – you simply stretch it on, trim it along the lines at the appropriate opening if necessary, and then continuously press at the pump to remove air, thereby creating a robust vacuum seal. Removing the protector, meanwhile, is as straightforward as sliding your fingers under the top cuff and sliding it off.

When you require the best possible PICC line protector for your needs, how could you possibly place your trust in any brand other than DryPro? Purchase yours today, and you’ll soon be looking forward to a much more relaxing bath, shower or swim.