An introduction to Oarsome crutch grips

Our company may have been founded in 2011 specifically to enable Irish customers to benefit from the American-made DryPro range of products, but we are also delighted to stock the award-winning Oarsome crutch grips that have already done so much to improve the lives of people around the world.

Why invest in a pair of Oarsome crutch grips?

We often hear here at DryPro about the pain that many of those forced to use crutches have to bear on a day-to-day basis. While it is often the injury that required the use of crutches in the first place that is responsible for such pain, it also saddens us to hear of the many instances in which the crutches themselves can be painful to use.

The point at which your hands are in contact with your crutches can be especially painful, which is why we went out of our way to find a solution – and Oarsome crutch grips seem to tick every essential box as far as we’re concerned.

Oarsome crutch grips make sense for so many reasons. For one thing, they are intelligently designed, working with the natural movements of your hands and body to give you the exact amount of support that you require, exactly where you need it.

Furthermore, their safety is enhanced by the use of an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent within the material, while their sheer durability helps to ensure that they continue providing you with vital relief for as long as you need them.

These crutch grips are shock absorbing, compressing when you put your weight on them, before returning to their original position in readiness for your next step. They are easy to use – all that you have to do is sit them over the top of your crutch handles – and there are two sizes to choose from, Standard and Small.

Oh, and there are even three pleasing colours from which to select – yellow, grey and purple.

Purchase your crutch grips today from a trustworthy company

When you are looking for the perfect crutch grips and similar products to help ease the daily pain and inconvenience that you suffer as a result of an injury, it’s hard to think of a better online store than our very own here at DryPro.

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