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Next Day Delivery Throughout The UK on All Orders Placed Before 2:00 PM

Waterproof Cast Covers and PICC Line Protectors

  • Cast protectors for use in The Shower, Bath or Even Swimming Pool
  • Unique Vacuum Seal
  • DryPro Does Not Blow up Like a Balloon When Submerged in Water
  • Adult & Child Sizes
  • 90 Day Warranty
  • Soft, Flexible and Easy to Fit 
  • Next Day Delivery Throughout the UK

DryPro Waterproof Cast Covers

If you have been fitted with a cast, bandage or any form of dressing which must remain dry then you need a DryPro waterproof cast cover.

The days of lying in the bath with one leg hanging over the side or even worse, trying to tape a plastic bag around your cast each time you want to take a shower are thankfully long gone. You don’t even have to miss out on the swimming pool.

The DryPro cast protectors we stock come in a variety of sizes ranging from a small child to adult, we have both half and full covers for the arm and leg, as well as our waterproof cover for PICC lines.

Pump The Air Out For a Watertight Seal

The DryPro waterproof cast cover is the only product in the world with our patented vacuum seal which allows you to shower, soak in the bath and even swim while keeping your cast, bandage or PICC line completely dry.
The detachable hand held pump allows you to pump the air out and remains flat to indicate a secure seal which will not leak. Other products on the market do not have a vacuum seal and rely on an elasticated cuff, which does not form a watertight seal. Without a vacuum seal, other cast covers on the market remain filled with air and act like a giant balloon when submerged in water, making it impossible to enjoy the swimming pool.
You will notice also, that some other products on the market have even copied the distinctive blue colour of the original DryPro waterproof cast cover. To us imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Waterproof PICC Line Protectors

Using the same vacuum seal technology as our waterproof cast cover, our latex free PICC line protector allows patients with a PICC line fitted to enjoy a relaxing shower, a soak in the bath or even an active swim while keeping the area around the PICC line completely dry.
The PICC line protector is open ended at both ends to allow full use of both hands and as it is made from flexible, surgical grade rubber it is extremely durable.